München (Munich) Marathon


The legendary route of the Munich Marathon starts at the Olympiapark constructed for the 1972 Summer Olympics, when the marathon was held for the first time, and leads runners near some of the most important landmarks of this Bavarian capital. The home of the Generali München Marathon is famous not only because of the Oktoberfest. It has a rich architectural heritage centred around Marienplatz, with sights like St. Peter’s Church dating back to the 12th century or a gothic revival Neues Rathaus.
Make sure you sign up for the Generali München Marathon and experience what this beautiful city has to offer.


The home of the Munich Marathon is breathtaking. Centuries-old buildings, numerous churches, museums, the English Garden and the lovely Isar, the river that runs through the centre of Munich. The Bavarian capital is known for the annual Oktoberfest, it's very friendly people and it’s sportiness. Even if Munich is packed with beautiful old buildings, like the neo-Gothic New Town Hall at Marienplatz, Munich has a lot of modern architecture and young, pulsating lifestyle to offer.

With that being said, the GMM is ready for you and we can’t wait to welcome you to Munich!

Whoever has competed in one of the editions of München Marathon knows and loves those iconic goosebump moments when running by Munich’s greatest sightseeing spots. The concentration and tension of the runners is tangible. Only subsiding when the starter’s pistol finally sounds and your run through Munich starts.

Get ready and be part of the GENERALI MÜNCHEN MARATHON!





Half Marathon




Rules & Regulations

    Accommodation                      Official Racehotel: Kings Hotels Center and First Class

    After Race Services                 At the finish line in the Olympic Stadium, participants will be served M-water and non-alcoholic wheat beer from the                                                         Weihenstephan brewery, fruit and cakes and pretzels inside the stadium. The exit is located at the south stand.
                                                       Please   note  that access to the finish catering is only possible once. After the run, there are changing rooms and                                                                showers available in the Olympic Park free of charge from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm. 80 physiotherapists at the Olympic                                                           Park  open until 4.30 pm on Marathon Sunday.  

    Age Limit                                   18 years for the full marathon. 16 years for the half marathon. 14 years for the 10 KM run.

    Aid Stations                                Refreshment stations are located at the kilometre points KM 7.5 / KM 14 / KM 18 / KM 24 / KM 28.5 / KM 35 and                                                          KM 39.
                                                         At the refreshment stations, electrolyte drinks will be offered in addition to M-water, bars and bananas.
                                                          In addition to the refreshment stations, there will be drinking stations with M-water at KM 5.5 / KM 11 / KM 26.5                                                             and KM 32.

    Award Medals                               Each marathon finisher will receive a medal at the finish line. The results lists and certificates will be available                                                                 online for downloading and printing on the day of the event

    Equipment Storage                        On the Sunday of the marathon, clothes can be stored from 7:00 a.m. on Level 0 of the Olympic Stadium, between                                                           Block A and Block X. Changing facilities are also available.
                                                           Please use only the GMM SPORTS BAG in the clothes   storage facility. These are issued along with the bib                                                                     numbers. Please mark your bib number clearly on your GMM   sports bag at the place indicated. For other sports                                                                bags or larger luggage items we offer a cloakroom charging a fee  of € 8 per item, located at the north-east entrance                                                           to the Olympic Stadium. After the race you can collect your GM sports bag until 4.00 pm by presenting your bib                                                                number.

    Maximum Time                               6 hours (marathon), 3 hours (half marathon), 1.5 hour (10K)

    Parking                                             "Parkharfe" next to the olympic park

    Provided Photo Service                     You can view and order your personal commemorative photograph or video at www.marathon-photos.com at the                                                                latest 24 hours after the event.

    Race Kit Includes                              Free access to public transportations in the MVV area on marathon Sunday with the race number, starter bag and                                                               race documents, time measuring attached to race number.

    Refreshments                                      Water, isotonic sports drinks, gels, bananas and bars will be available.

    Timing                                                 Time keeping at the GENERALI MUNICH MARATHON is done exclusively via your race number. The                                                                           electronic transponder records your personal time. The finishers will be evaluated according to the net running                                                                 time (effective running time). There will be no time keeping and no evaluation without your race number!

    Transport                                             Free access to public transportations in the MVV area on marathon day 

    Refund Policy                                      Non-refundable



    • Free transport in the MVV area on the marathon Sunday
    • Race kit with GMM starter bag
    • Timekeeping in the bib number
    • Race organisation and road closures
    • Clothes depot and showers
    • Refreshments along the course and at the finish
    • Medal at the finish
    • Physiotherapy after the race (marathon only)
    • Medical care in case of emergency
    • Certificate download on the internet
    • Free use of the runGMM app for training and as an event guide

Runner Receiver
Finisher Receiver


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